February 10, 2019

February 10, 2019 Honour the Lord in His Greatness and Receive His Greatness (Luke 11:29-33)

There are three classes of people in the world. People who have enough, people who don't have enough and people who don't have enough but who have untapped resources. Most Christians live like this. Jesus in Luke 11:29-33 talks about how people are looking for signs, but they are not using the resources God has already given them. Jesus relates how the Queen of the South, in 1 Kings 10:1-9, could see God's power and blessings in King Solomon. Jesus tells the crowd that He is greater than Solomon so why have they (we) not let Jesus be the Lord over them (us). 

Jesus also reference Jonah to the crowd. Jonah was a prophet who was told to go Nineveh to repent. The Ninevites were known as evil and violent people, so Jonah refuses but God turns Jonah around, the Ninevites repent and Nineveh is saved. Later, Jonah becomes upset with God because God is merciful. 

There are two main lessons to learn when we Honour the Lord in His Greatness and Receive His Greatness 

1. The extreme mercies of God are extended to those who do not deserve it. Jonah is angry that God wants to save the Ninevites but everyone is underserving. Our righteousness will not sustain us. We have to accept the mercies and repent. 

2. There is a clear warning of ignoring God's message. Jonah decides to turn away from God. But everything Jonah does to run away causes problems around him and to others. It is only when we completely submit to God and completely obey God that God can use us.  

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