August 5, 2018

Vacations are in Full Swing

Many of members are on vacation and travelling. There is a time for everything and time off from work and school is much needed. This also means while members of the congregation are traveling, there are more empty pews which make the church look rather empty. Please remember to pray for those travelling that they will be safe and will be useful in doing the Lord's work. Also remember to pray for those who are able to attend for other reasons. We should always encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ to attend church.

Of course, for some of our volunteers the work never ends. There are so many people doing good work in so many ways. Here is a photo from today showing some of the unsung heroes at Daejeon OEM cleaning up. Someone sets up chairs, someone else prepares the food, others set up the set up tables and put out the food and finally they get together to clean up.
Thank God for people who are willing to work behind the scenes and expect no reward to make the church a better place. Every little bit of service is remembered by God.

Please watch today's sermon. Pastor Donald talks about how we, as Christians, misunderstand Jesus' love for us when we have to wait. This sermons shows three lessons to learn about "The Love Delayed" from Mark 6:45-52.

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