May 18, 2015

Wonderful outdoor fellowship

After the worship on Sunday (17th May), we went to Maninsan, an hour drive from Daejeon.  Had a sumptuous dinner in Herb Cafe Restaurant just before reaching the hiking spot.  Five minutes drive from the restaurant, we took to the hiking trail.  Taking about 40 minutes under the woods, we got back to our starting point where we had a great sunset view between the mountain...eating hotdeok and chatting for a few minute before heading home.
Thanks everyone for making that day a memorable one!  The beautiful thing about a church of our size is that we get to enjoy the fellowship of one and everyone.  May the good Lord continue to bless us even as we seek to glorify him in our daily walk with him.  Click on the link below to see some of the snapshots of our time in Maninsan...
Daejeon Onnuri English Ministry Picnic

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