May 13, 2013

Please Pray For the Following Points

  1. Leaders and Volunteers: Please pray for the leaders and volunteers.  Especially when God begins to work, Satan targets the leaders and volunteers with discouragement, discord and other problems.  We want OEM leaders and volunteers to be filled with zeal and love for God and for fellow human beings.  Pray for their personal and professional lives to be joyful and fruitful.
  2. New Members: New members keep visiting us, but we need to find ways to connect with them.  As most of our old members have returned to their countries or moved to other parts of Korea, we need God's grace to be able to keep in touch with our new friends so that they will feel comfortable.  The nature of our ministry is one of a transition; new members come and old one move on from here.  Let's pray that the new members will also find courage to take the lead in becoming effective witness for Christ.  That they may be able to blend in our fellowship without any odd feelings.  Pray for the welcoming team to be able to get in touch with them. 
  3. Old Members who have returned home: Let's continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who have returned back to their countries.  Although we are far apart but God sees the heart and hears our prayers.  It takes more spiritual compassion to be in fellowship from afar but our prayers mean a lot to those who might be going through rough times in their lives.
  4. Families that are going through various difficulties: Family is Satan's primary target to weaken the church.  We need to pray for these families that are going through difficult time in terms of relationship, finances and others.  Let's pray that they may have God's wisdom and strength in creating godly family where the Holy Spirit dwells.  Lets pray that we all a family God may live with this motto "Jesus Christ is the unseen guest at every meal and a silent listener of every conversation in my home"!
  5. Freedom and healing prayer: On Sunday after our small group fellowship, we are having a special time of prayer.  Pray that those who need God's miraculous intervention in their lives would be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit even as we pray for them.  If you are in need of special prayer, if you are struggling in silence, we invite you to come and join this prayer meeting.  It is a time in which we earnestly and intensely seek God's presence and power to heal our brokenness.  We believe God can set us free from all kinds of addiction, we believe God can deliver us from all kinds of bondages that the devil has tried to put us in and we believe God can heal our bodies, minds, and emotions.  Please stand with us even as we stand with those who are going through tough times in their lives.  As our prayer meeting takes a better shape, we could go out into the city square and pray for the city of Daejeon.  By prayer and fasting, we can do greater things than what we have been able to do so far.
  6. Pray for our Nepal Mission trip:  We need prayer and volunteers to join us in this trip.  The dates will be either the 1st or 2nd week of August.  We will conduct revival meetings for the believers and leadership seminars for the pastors and leaders.  We will also have ministry to the children.  We will also have some time for sightseeing; if you have not been to Nepal, this would be a good time to join us!
  7. Evangelism to foreigners in Daejeon: May the Lord give us boldness and wisdom to reach out to many foreigners in Daejeon.  We could go out in the streets, we could visit bars, we could visit schools and universities to evangelize them but first we need the Holy Spirit to anoint us and guide us.   

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