February 10, 2012

Letter from Tatyana

(The following is the letter from Tatyana, to Pastor Bhatta and OEM Members; please continue to pray for her as she makes Germany her new home)

Dear Pastor Bhatta,
It took  me a while, but finally I can write you a simple thank you letter. 
As you may have heard I had to leave Korea in a hurry due to my mother's condition. It was quite a stressful time, but she's got better. She is still on the way to her recovery, but at least she is back to work, and already being mothering me around. 
Another thing is that I've moved to Germany and now I work here. Hopefully, this would be my new house for the next 2 years. 
It's sad a little bit 'cause I was preparing a "good-bye" speech for OEM, and it never happened. (I guess God does have a sense of humor... after all, I'm not really a public speaker) 
I was blessed and despite strong influence of Catholicism in Bavaria, I found a nice English speaking church here. And its style is quite similar to yours, so it was painless transition for me. But on my very first service and still, I do remember you and dear OEM people. I'm thankful for your teaching of Luke. Sadly, I couldn't learn it till the end.
I'll keep you in my prayers. And I'm thankful for your service - it helped mine spiritual well-being in Daejeon. 
I hope you and your family is doing well, and I'm sure Lord will bless your short and long  term goals.
Please, keep me in your prayers as well.  Unfortunately, my Dad got sick now, and I'm worried about him now. But I know that God is taking care of him.  
Thank you very much!

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