February 11, 2011

Church Retreat (March 12-13)

Dear friends in Jesus Christ,
It is my prayer that everything goes well with you and that you are strengthened in your innermost being by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Today I just want to thank the Lord for what he has done in our midst.  I also want to thank you all for taking the time to come and be a part of this amazing journey of faith with friends from many different nations.  For me, every week is a delight to come to the church and join with you in worshiping the Lord!  As we have declared this year to be the “year of the Lord’s favor”, let us come to him with confidence.
As we have a wonderfully mixed fellowship, we are planning to have a retreat in the second week of March (March 12-13, Saturday and Sunday).  We already have a place offered to us from one of our members in a beautiful location, some 2 hours southward drive from Daejeon (near the city of Gwanju).  Please mark that weekend for this wonderful event.  We will start early on Saturday and might come late in the evening the next day.  It is possible that we might have no service in the church on that Sunday, but it has not been decided yet.  I request every foreign member in our fellowship to come and join this amazing retreat.  I also have another request to our Korean friends to make English as the main language of communication and discussion during our travel and retreat because many of us don’t know Korean but all of our Korean friends can understand English.  So, let’s be mindful for that.
Please plan and pray for this event.
Pastor Bhatta

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